Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration for Welcome Home

As it says in my bio, I am a veterinarian.  The inspiration for Welcome Home came from two sources.  The first was a dog that I met in my first year of practice.  The dog was brought into the clinic where I worked by a Animal Control Officer.  It was a very large black dog that had been hit by a car.  As a result of his injuries, the dog was unable to use his back legs.  When I examined him, he looked at me with such trust.  I convinced the Officer to let me keep him in the clinic for a few days rather than euthanize him.  He made amazing progress and was able regain use of his legs. He was eventually taken home by a very nice couple.  For those of you that read Welcome Home, you will recognize this story.

The other source of inspiration came from the many stories that clients have shared about how they were united with their beloved pets.  Though the stories vary, one theme connects them all; the idea that the animal "chose" them to be their owner and "somehow knew" they were meant to be together.