Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration for Heart of a Hero

Heart of a Hero was inspired by my mom's childhood dog, Lady, an Irish Setter.  When my mom was about 5 years old, a young soldier brought Lady into a cafe where my grandfather was eating.  He told the people in the cafe that Lady had been a hero in WW II.  She had been a messenger dog that was shot in the back while carrying a message that saved the lives of several service men.  The US Marines had allowed the soldier to bring Lady home with him.  When the US entered into the Korean War, the soldier was once again called into action and needed a new home for Lady.  My grandfather brought her home, thinking that she would make a good hunting dog.  However, after being shot, she was now gun-shy.  So, my grandfather gave her to my mother.  Lady was my mom's loyal and faithful companion for many years after that.  I have grown up hearing many stories of Lady's bravery and friendship.  Heart of a Hero is dedicated to Lady a true American hero.

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