Friday, April 6, 2012

Humorous Life Story #5- "My son-Always good for a laugh"

My son is 5 years old.  He is a constant source of laughter.  Sometimes by being funny on purpose and other times just by being a growing boy.  I thought that I would share some of his funniest moments:

Church services near Christmas last year, the minister says the word, "Peace." My son looks up from coloring and says in a voice loud enough for the entire congregation to hear, "Peace? Peace? I want a piece of chicken."

Church services near Mother's day last year, the minister says, "I think that if God were to speak to Mothers today, He would say," and pauses dramatically.  At the same instant, my son just finished drawing a picture and yells, "TaDa!"

About a year ago, my son was in his room changing clothes.  My husband was in the kitchen fixing him breakfast.  I was away from home.  My son starts screaming in a panicked voice, "Dad, I need you.  Hurry!" My husband drops what he is doing and rushes down the hall and into my son's room.  My son is in his underwear, in the middle of his room, dancing.  My husband says anxiously, "What's wrong?" My son replies, "Help me, Dad. I can't stop dancing." as he continues to dance around. My husband scoops my son up into his arms and my son sighs dramatically and says, "Thanks Dad."

One day, about the time my son just finished potty training, I am walking by the bathroom and hear my son say, "Oh, my god, poop.  Get out of my butt!"  (He has a teenage sister.)

I know that no one finds a child as amusing as their mother does, but I hope these stories still gave you a chuckle. Kids, you gotta love them!

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