Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 star Review of FRIENDS FOR LIFE by Readers Favorite

Reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite

"Friends for Life" is so much more than just your ordinary dog story. It is a heart warming tale of friendship, heroism, bravery and good values. Two orphaned puppies bond together to endure a traumatic kidnapping, encounters with a street dog gang, the dog catcher, robbers, and the prospect of searching for that ever wanted dream of adoption. Here Bo and Rico meet up with another street dog, who will steal your heart and who will school them on street life and train them to be able to live a life of freedom. There is action around every bend as the dogs must always be on guard from the dangers that lurk in the big city. Vivid details are told of each adventure they encounter that will engage every child. The story has friendships come and go as we watch the dogs grow from pups to full grown dogs. You will find yourself cheering as each dog finds their own special home.

Billi Tiner has written a tale that is so rich in doggie talk that the characters come alive and seem so very human. The names of each of the dogs will linger in your memory for quite some time as Tiner makes each one so memorable. It is such a feel good tale that you will want to mark this as one that will be a classic. As a veteran reading specialist I am sure that this is definitely one that is the perfect read aloud for classroom teachers or parents. I can just see the children begging for rereads on this one! I just know it is going to be a favorite of many.

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  1. I agree with this review. I read "Friends for Life" and loved it. I think parents will enjoy reading this one to their little ones just as much as the little ones will enjoy hearing this story. I also think children who can read will love reading this book on their own. This is a book that will be enjoyed by the whole family.