Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Star Review of WELCOME HOME by This Kid Reviews Books

Welcome Home
by Billi Tiner
160 pages – ages 9+
Published by CreateSpace on December 24, 2011
Kindle Edition Reviewed
Jake, the dog, wanted to have an owner who would make him part of the family. When the time came for Jake and his two siblings to get chosen and taken to a new home, his brother and sister each get good homes and Jake is taken home with a mean man named Joe who abuses him because he wants “Duke” (Joe re-named Jake) to be a fighting dog. During a storm, Jake escapes and meets two dogs, a bulldog named Bo, and a chihuahua named Rico. They join Jake on his journey to find the perfect owner, hoping that the perfect owner will take all the dogs in (Bo and Rico are strays, like Jake). They search everywhere in towns and cities, but when the dogs get to the country, Joe and two friends see them and start shooting at them! The dogs get away, but Bo gets injured. Rico took care of Bo, while Jake went into town to get food. On one of these trips, Jake wasn’t looking and he got hit by a car! He is taken to a hospital and then to a foster home to heal. Jake’s foster parents want to find him a good home with a loving owner. Jake wants to find a good home, but he is also worried about Bo and Rico. Will the friends ever be reunited?
I LOVED this book! It was awesome! I really liked the plot – it was so unique and emotional! I want to read “Friend’s For Life” - Dr. Tiner’s next book about how Bo and Rico met! I really like the character of Rico – a small, Spanish-spewing chihuahua! I like how this book teaches about a sad topic, animal/dog abusing. I love animals and I can’t believe that people could treat them badly. I think this is an important topic kids should know about. Dr. Tiner described the characters and settings in the book very well and told us about this sad topic without any graphic violence. I loved that! I recommend this book to kids 9+!
Five out of five dog bones…ERR, I mean bookworms for Welcome Home!
Here is something cool, Billi Tiner is not only a great author, she is also a veterinarian! To learn more about “Welcome Home” and Dr. Tiner’s other books, please visit her website HERE.


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  1. When a kid likes a book that was written for kids, then you know the author is on the right track. This review is a great compliment to Dr. Tiner's ability to do what she loves and that is writing children's books about animals especially dogs.