Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Star Review of THE RESCUE TEAM by Reader's Favorite

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite

"The Rescue Team" by Dr. Billi Tiner is a wonderful adventure featuring Ellie the dog, Toby the cat, and Anne, their human companion. Playing an important secondary role are Brent the fireman, and his dog Tank, reportedly one of the ugliest and scariest looking sweethearts you'll ever encounter. Anne rescues Ellie from the local animal shelter, and they hit it off instantly. Not long after, during a powerful thunderstorm, Ellie sees two eyes staring in at the window during a lightning strike, and rushes to the door. When Anne opens the door, a grey streak squirts past them into the house. Thus enters Toby. The animals worry when Anne isn't home on time, and soon discover her car upside down in a ditch. They lick and purr and bark until she comes to, and calls for help. Soon after rescuing Anne, the three of them rescue little Lisa, a small child who got lost in the woods. Then, in the aftermath of a devastating tornado, the team once again rescues the survivors: first, a lady buried under the rubble of her three story house, and then a young teenager, Luke, living in an abandoned building. So, now that Brent and Anne and all the animals, and young Luke are getting along so well, what do you suppose will happen next?

This was a very uplifting story, and one that will put a smile on the face of the grumpiest guy you know (my kids would say that is me). I will admit that the first few pages put a lump in my throat, as Ellie's original owners took her to the animal shelter because they didn't want to be bothered with her anymore. But once Anne adopted her, this quickly became a very happy, feel-good tale (no pun intended). When I was younger, I did not like it when authors would anthropomorphize animals. But I guess I've mellowed out, after having recently lost my dog after 16-1/2 years. She was more human than a lot of humans I know. I recommend this wonderful little story strongly for anyone old enough to read. I give it 5 barks!

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  1. This is an awesome book about how a dog & a cat can become best friends and also pool together using their individual talent to become a rescue team. Truly a fun book to read with a wonderful tale filled with adventure and a great ending. I agree with Reader's Favorite and also give it 5 barks.