Sunday, September 16, 2012


Bo and Rico are two puppies who meet at a pet store.  The puppies are dognapped from the pet store by two goons.  Realizing they are in danger, Bo and Rico must work together to escape the dognappers.  After their escape, Bo and Rico find themselves scared and alone on the mean city streets.  They are rescued by a streetwise stray named Tank.  Tank takes the puppies under his wing and teaches them how to survive on the streets.  Bo and Rico embark on several adventures including avoiding the local Animal Control officer, Jimmy; several run-ins with a pack of dogs led by a stray named Mongrel; and rescuing a beautiful lost Poodle named Pearl.  Through it all, Bo and Rico form an incredible friendship that will last a lifetime.
"Tiner manages to breathe life into the book's four main characters...An entertaining read..."- Kirkus Reviews

5 star-"Friends for Life" is so much more than just your ordinary dog story...It is such a feel good tale that you will want to mark this as one that will be a classic..."-Reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite

"Friends for Life" is a strong pick for youth readers who enjoy a dog-driven tale."- The Midwest Book Review

"Friends for Life may be a children/teen book but any true dog lover will fall in love with Rico and Bo and their mentor Tank. The book formed pictures in my mind of the dogs as they grew and lived their lives. I could hear the doggy voices just from the words Billi used to describe the dogs. The story is a glove on a cold day..sun after the rain...a soft pillow after work. It made me smile and laugh and cry. I am 49 and am an avid book reader. This is one i will never forget . All my dogs (3 of whom are at Rainbow Bridge) have always and will always be my Friend gor Life. So happy i found this book. I hope to meet Rico and Bo again...maybe on a playdate with Tank."- Amazon Reviewer 

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  1. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop! I am more than happy to promote your book this weekend. Don't be afraid to ask - I'm here to help out. Cheers!

  2. Welcome to the Kid Lit Blog Hop! I am a sucker for anything canine! I think I'd enjoy your book too! Thanks for linking in!

  3. What an adorable book! Looks like it offers a great example of friendship for children. It reminds me of another book Max and I read, "Priscilla Finds Where She Belongs". The author, Mary Chudzynski, actually had a booksigning in a bookstore near our house, which was exciting.

    Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop!