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Interview with Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

Kids Corner Interviews Kindle Author Billi Tiner

April 25, 2013
By Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily
We announced last week that Billi Tiner’s The Rescue Team is the Kids Corner Book of The Week. Today we are very excited to post an exclusive interview with author Billi Tiner.


Kids Corner: How did you come to write books using animals as your main characters?
Billi Tiner: I am a veterinarian and have always loved animals. Some of my favorite books growing up were books that featured animals as the main characters (Charolette’s Web, The Incredible Journey, Black Beauty). I wanted to create stories for kids that were similar to the stories that I enjoyed reading. I love creating characters that display the loyalty, bravery, and compassion that our animal friends express every day.
Kids Corner: Let me guess… your favorite animal is dogs?
Billi Tiner: Dogs are my favorite, but I also love cats. I appreciate the unconditional love and devotion that dogs show their owners. They don’t care what you look like, how much money you make, or what kind of car you drive. They just want to love you. I love how cats can be extremely loving, but still maintain that air of independence.
Kids Corner: What is your favorite scene in The Rescue Team?
Billi Tiner: My favorite scene is when Anne and Ellie first bond with each other. That scene was based on how I met and adopted my dog, Ellie. She was the inspiration for the main character. I couldn’t resist using her name. She shows many of the same characteristics as the Ellie in the story, such as bringing home hurt animals.
Kids Corner: What lessons can parents expect their child to learn from The Rescue Team?
Billi Tiner: Children reading The Rescue Team will see positive examples of friendship and the importance of working together as a team to accomplish goals. The characters all demonstrate important characteristics such as courage, love, and caring for others.
Kids Corner: What authors have influenced you? Any YA authors that have influenced your current work?
Billi Tiner: I want to create stories similar to the authors that I enjoyed reading as a kid. I want the books to be fun and full of adventure. Some of the authors I try to emulate would be Beverly Cleary, Jack London, and Judy Blume.
Kids Corner: Can we expect anything else from you? Any sequels to The Rescue Team?
Billi Tiner: I have written a total of four books for middle-graders (Welcome Home, Heart of a Hero, Friends for Life, and The Rescue Team). Each of them have animals as the main characters and are written from the animal’s point of view. I have also written the first two books in a young adult western series (Bounty Hunter: The Beginning and Bounty Hunter: The Reputation). I have plans to write another middle-grade book featuring a dog who dreams of joining the police K9 unit. It is just in the planning stages right now, but I hope to begin writing is soon!

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