Friday, October 18, 2013

Publisher Weekly's Review of Dogs Aren't Men

Rebecca Miller is a veterinarian who is happy with her life and her animals. Her mother, however, would like to see her married sooner rather than later. Rebecca doesn't think this is likely until she meets Derrick Peterson. While she and Derrick-who likes to keep his relationships casual- dance around their feelings for each other, Rebecca is threatened by Dalton, her secretary's abusive boyfriend. Dalton is eventually arrested, but just when they think they're safe, tragedy strikes, and Derrick almost loses Rebecca, forcing him to confront his feelings and admit his love. Tiner- whose experience with veterinary medicine is clear- has written a quality entry in the romance genre. While her male characters are basic romantic archetypes, readers will appreciate the book's steady pace, well-constructed story, and genial style.- Publisher's Weekly

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