Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another 5 star review for "To Love A Cat"!

Reviewed by Patricia Day for Readers' Favorite

Take two successful professionals, each independent and content with life. Mitch is a law enforcement officer and family for him consists of his dog Roscoe and Tucker, an appealing but unwelcome cat. Mitch is totally dedicated to his work getting criminals off the streets. He is not the marrying kind. Catherine James is single and stunning. She is an over-achiever, seeking nothing more than to continue her career as lead accountant in prestigious company. Her success enables her to help youngsters; especially those damaged and rejected by their families. She knows too well how traumatic that is. She wants to provide a stable, comfortable home to a child, and applies to foster one. Add a troubled teen, Ethan, and you have the ingredients for an interesting, compelling read.

The story not only winds in and around the lives of Mitch, Catherine, and Ethan, but introduces their individual families, who are all caring and well-adjusted adults. As the tale unfolds, it exposes unsavoury elements, too. To reveal more could spoil the story for you. Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is engaging and well written. You want to keep reading. How the characters meet each other, and adjust makes for a wonderful read and I highly recommend it if you want to escape your reality for a while, and become entwined in the lives of these fictional folk. It highlights how critically important helping less fortunate individuals is, as well as having a stable, loving family.

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