Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 star review of SCARRED HEARTS by Readers' Favorite

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Scarred Hearts is a historical western romance written by Billi Tiner. Claire Montgomery lives in a little house outside of town with her old friend and mentor, Tobias, and James, a young orphan. She had been raised on a Southern plantation; her parents were wealthy landowners who had slaves. Claire spent most of her time with the black kids on the plantation and was staying overnight with Tobias and his family when her parents' house was burned to the ground. Claire attempted to save her parents and was badly burned in the process. She's the object of scorn and criticism in town as some gentle ladies feel she should cover her scarred face, but she does have some good friends who care about her. When a badly injured man is seen draped across a horse, Claire has Tobias bring him into the house where she tends his wounds.

Billi Tiner's romantic historical western, Scarred Hearts, is entertaining and fast-paced. Claire is a marvelous character, and the gunslinger, Nathan, is the perfect antagonist for this scarred, self-sufficient woman who thinks no one could ever be attracted to her. I loved the animals that James found and adopted and thought how nice it would be to live somewhere where you could have orphaned bear cubs and foxes for pets. There's more to Scarred Hearts than just romance and animals, however, as Nathan is a gunslinger and is still on a job to hunt a rapist. I enjoyed reading Scarred Hearts. It's got a grand combination of romance, history and the old west, and it works marvelously on all accounts. Scarred Hearts is highly recommended.

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