Monday, June 17, 2013

5 star review of Dogs Aren't Men

Dr. Rebecca Miller is a gifted veterinarian, leading a happy and fulfilling life at her veterinary clinic. Her Golden Retriever, Captain, is her constant and only companion, and she doesn’t see the need for any men in her life. She believes that having crossed the Rubicon of thirty, her odds aren’t that great anyway. However, her mother has other plans. She wants grandchildren.
Rebecca runs (literally) into Derrick on a basketball court, and she feels a strange attraction to the tanned and handsome ER doctor.
Coincidentally, Rebecca’s mom sets up a blind date for Rebecca originally intended to be with Derrick. It goes haywire and she winds up with Derrick’s best friend, Mitch, on a double date. Unfortunately, Derrick has shown up with a stunning blonde and this does nothing to make Rebecca think she has a chance with Derrick.
Rebecca is an independent, tough, and intelligent heroine. And the rest of the other characters are written with a depth and realism that makes you really care about their lives. The interaction and chemistry was great, and the dialogue terrific.
Being an animal lover, I enjoyed the realistic depiction of veterinary life, especially after I discovered that the author is herself a veterinarian.
I also liked the quick pace of this story. Ms. Tiner keeps it moving and doesn’t get caught up in lengthy filler paragraphs that you’ll find in other books.
A fun read. Highly recommend

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