Friday, June 21, 2013

Another great review for Dogs Aren't Men!

It was time for me to read a good book. This one did not disappoint me. Dr. Rebecca Miller was our heroine. She is a veterinarian who just loves all the animals to bits. We cannot help but to love her right away. She is sweet to the dogs, cats, and even the escaped ferret. She coaches basketball to a young girls’ team and in her spare time, she takes her dog Captain to volunteer at the hospital in the children’s ward. What is not to like?? The only thing missing is a man.
Enter Derrick Peterson, is the hot ER doctor who literally plows into her one day at the school gym. Then shares an elevator later with her at the hospital. Derrick’s mom wants to set them up on a blind date, but, alas, poor Derrick has been burned in love before and does not want anything to do with our lovely Rebecca so he passes her name on to his friend Mitchell.
Of course, this just cannot be. Enter some zealous friends, interfering mothers, a new date named Brian and a crazy mean bad guy that is out to get Miss Rebecca and you have the making for a really sweet story. It seems that at every turn there are obstacles that keep Rebecca and Derrick from acting on their attraction to one another. The chemistry between the two of them is sizzling, poor Derrick is like a man possessed at work trying to work out his frustrations.
This was definitely a nice fun read. It was catchy, easy to read and just kept me turning the pages. There was lots of conflicts and some scary parts that had me quite concerned for the characters. I was laughing at parts and crying at others. Please read this book, you will not be disappointed.
Review by Monica Cullip at Tracy Riva Books and Reviews