Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 Star Review of "Heart of a Hero" plus Book Giveaway

Author Bio:
“Dr. Billi Tiner has been a veterinarian for over 10 years. She lives with her husband, two children, three dogs, and three cats in Missouri. Dr. Tiner is a sports enthusiast and avid reader. She also enjoys spending time outdoors gardening and hiking. Dr. Tiner has written four middle-grader books: Welcome Home, Heart of a Hero, Friends for Life, and The Rescue Team. She uses her experiences as a veterinarian as inspiration for her books.”
I was lucky enough to receive “Heart of a Hero” from the author Billi Tiner for review. Lady is an Irish Setter living on an Ohio Farm in the 1940′s with her doggie family. Then Carl comes to the area and works on the farm where she is at. Sh falls in love with Carl and stays at his side. Soon Carl’s work is done and has to go. Lady is given to Carl. Her and Carl have a lot of fun together but the time eventually comes and Carl has to go to war. A letter comes informing Lady and Carl’s father that he died serving his country. Lady is then enlisted in a training program in the military (the USMC) to become a dog messenger. Lady is very brave. She is put in many dangerous hard situations but rises to the occasion as a hero. She finds herself protecting and helping others. After being injured she is discharged from the service along with her handler. Eventually her handler must go back to war after he decides to re-enlist in the USMC. Like most veterans Lady suffers from PTSD but eventually Lady finds her home.
“Heart of a Hero” is a heart warming story is directed at middle grade kids. Its a story of courage, loyalty, unconditional love, and adventure. It was very touching and I think many dog lovers as well as people who know people in the military would love this book.
You can purchase ”Heart of a Hero” here on Amazon for $2.99 kindle edition.
Would I recommend this book? Yes because I loved “Heart of a Hero”. As a fellow veteran I could relate coming home and trying to figure our where exactly home was while at the same time adapting to a different environment after war. I too lost loved ones to war. This story was very touching to me. I loved it. A very courageous theme.
I give this wonderful book four stars!
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