Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Only Trick in the Book's 4 Star Review of "Dogs Aren't Men"

Synopsis:Rebecca Miller is a gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary understanding of animal behavior. She is leading a fulfilling life as the owner and operator of the Animal Friends Veterinary Clinic. Ever since her 30th birthday, her mother has made it her mission to help Rebecca find a man, get married, and give her grandchildren. But Rebecca doesn’t see the need for a man in her life. She has her dog, Captain, and that’s all the companionship she needs. However, her world changes the day she literally runs into Derrick Peterson, a gorgeously handsome ER doctor.

Derrick’s experiences with women have taught him that they are vain, silly, and untrustworthy. He keeps his relationships with them brief and superficial. However, he finds himself being irresistibly drawn to Rebecca. She’s smart, witty, compassionate, and very different from the women he usually encounters. Will Rebecca be the one to break down the wall he’s spent a lifetime building around his heart?

My Review:

"Dogs Aren't Men" is a very clean romance that is fast paced and easily read. While Rebecca and Co. seem to have the worst luck (and a lot of clever coincidence), the story is romantic and feels pretty true to life. Ms. Tiner does a nice job of balancing the fact with fiction. You can tell she is writing of something she is passionate about but she doesn't over do it. Career knowledge aside, the love story comes first and foremost.

There is a well-written connection between Derrick and Rebecca as well as plenty of plot. What made this book so enjoyable for me was that it has a realistic execution of how a relationship begins between two strong-willed characters. "Dogs Aren't Men" had me turning page after page to see what would happen next, and how Rebecca and Derrick would bring themselves together.

While this book didn't change my life, it is certainly deserving of four stars. I wish the ending would have given us a little bit more. Because Ms. Tiner kept the tension building, on multiple levels, we don't get to see Rebecca and Derrick happily together for very long. I certainly was sad to see their story end as it was really sweet once there.

Ms. Tiner presents a great contemporary romance, and if she keeps at it, I'd love to continue following her books. I hope others don't judge this book based on it's not so intriguing cover and try it on for themselves.

Rating: * * * *

Hotness Level: Cool - Mild Warm - Hot - Humid - Smokin

Triggers: Romance, Professionals, Clean

(I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.)

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