Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Star Review of Heat of a Hero by Beachbound Books

Heart of a Hero
by Billi Tiner
Heart of a Hero by Billi Tiner is a heartwarming story about a very special dog named Lady. As the story begins Lady is just a puppy living with her mother and brother on Mr. Thompson's farm. A young man named
Carl begins doing work around the farm for Mr. Thompson and Lady is drawn to him. Lady's heart leaps when Mr. Thompson gives her to Carl as additional payment for the work he has done.

Carl spends all the time he can with Lady and trains her to be a fine hunting dog like her mother. World War II is well underway and Carl decides to join the Marines to help America fight. Lady's is devastated when Carl leaves, but faithfully waits for his return. Carl's father receives word that Carl has been killed and Lady is heartbroken.

Still in mourning over the losing Carl, Lady is sent to participate in a military program that uses dogs as scouts and messengers. When Lady arrives at doggy boot camp she meets Steve, her handler. Lady immediately feels a connection with Steve and although she misses Carl she is once again happy. After undergoing basic training Lady and Steve are sent off to war. Lady becomes a hero. Her bravery as a messenger dog saves the lives of many soldiers, but her and Steve are wounded and relieved of their military duties.

Lady once again settles into her life with, but everything abruptly changes when Steve joins the military and is sent off to fight in the Korean war. Steve gives Lady to a man who intends to use her as a hunting dog, but is shocked to see that the war has left her gun shy. Disgusted, he gives Lady to his daughter. Will Lady find happiness again? It is well worth reading to find out!

Heart of a Hero exposes the reader to the kind of love, devotion and friendship that can only be found in relationships between an owner and their dog.

Although, fictional Heart of a Hero is based an real events that were retold to author Billi Tiner by her grandmother.

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