Sunday, March 18, 2012

Humorour Life Story #3-"Are we having fun, yet?"

Several years ago, my Mom and I decided to take our first cruise.  We didn't want to take a long cruise for our first venture onto the highseas, so we decided to take a five day Carribean cruise to Cancun, Mexico.  As many of you know, when you book a cruise, the price that you pay doesn't include any excursions.  So, they give you a booklet with a list of the excursions that can be added to your trip for you to enjoy at each port.  You feel obligated to buy a few of these, so that you don't spend each day in port on the ship.

Mom and I read through our choices and decided to sign up for the "Jungle Cruise." This excursion included an open jeep ride through a tropical jungle, a visit to an exotic animal park, and a party at the beach.  Sounds great, right?  Mom and I thougth so, too.  We were really excited about it.

"Jungle Cruise" day finally arrived.  We were really pumped up about it.  We eagerly jumped into the back of our jeep.  The driver climbed in and we were off!  There was a line of about 10 jeeps filled with passengers from our ship.   The caravan drove for several miles down a highway, where we were getting completely windblown, due to being in an open sided jeep. We finally came to a very small village where we turned down a rutted side road.  On each side of the road, there was thick foliage.  Mom and I got excited.  We were finally make it to the "Jungle" part of the trip.  We started heading down this rutted path getting bounced around like a sack of potatos, when we started getting attacked by a swarm of the largest mosquitoes that I have ever seen.  They looked like hummingbirds.  The driver stopped the jeep and jumped out and started spraying insect repellant all over us.  Then he jumped back ino the driver's seat and off we went again.  We traveled about a mile down this rutted path; came to a dead end; and just turned around and headed back out.  I turned to Mom and said, "Was that it?" 

"I think so," she replied.  "I wonder what the exotic animal park is going to look like," she said.  Then we both started laughing.

Next stop, the exotic animal park.  When we arrived, we all climbed slowly out of our jeep's.  We were all very stiff and sore from the jeep ride.  They took us down a path and the first thing that we came to was a small pen enclosed with chicken wire.  Inside the pen were a few goats and some chickens.  Mom and I burst out laughing.  These were the exotic pets?  We walked a little further down the path and there was a monkey tethered to a tree.  Then, the guide turned around and walked up back up the path.  Sure enough the "Exotic animal park" consisted of some goats and chickens, and a monkey tied tethered to a tree!  By this time Mom and I were laughing so hard tears were rolling out of our eyes.

Final stop, the beach party.  When we arrived at the beach, we were fed some of the best guacaomle that I have ever tasted.  Then we all headed out to the beach for swimming and sunbathing.  I have never really enjoyed swimming in the ocean, so I set up a beach chair and sat to enjoy the view.  My mom headed down to the water. After a few minutes, I see my Mom starting to run out of the water toward the beach.  I hear her yelling, "Run, Billi! Run!"

I stood up and shouted, "What? Why?"  I couldn't imagine why she was telling me to run.  If she had spotted something in the ocean, the how was going to get me on the beach?  I thought my Mom was just joking.  Then, suddenly, a huge gust of wind pick up my beach chair and hurled it through the air.  Then, I could see the line of rain that was pelting down on my Mom as she ran toward me.  I turned and started running toward the building behind me.  I didn't make it in time.  I was soaked to the skin by the time I finally made it inside.

So, there we were, about 30 passengers from the cruised huddled inside a building, soaking wet.  Then the leader of our guides gets up on a table and yells with a heavy hispanic accent, "Are we having fun, yet?"

There was a resounding, "NO!" sent up by the crowd.  My mom and I were back to laughing hysterically.  It was hilarious.  To this day, all one of us has to do is utter the phrase, "Are we having fun, yet?" and the other one starts laughing.

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  1. I laughed out loud reading this story. Too funny