Friday, March 9, 2012

Humorous Life Story #2- "April Fools"

In honor of the fact that April 1st is just around the corner, I thought that I would share an April Fools joke that my husband and I played on our then 13 year old daughter. 

My daughter had gotten her hands on a couple of pairs of high heeled shoes that she liked to put on and wear around the house.  She had a really bad habit of kicking them off right in the middle of walkways. My husband and I were getting really tired of tripping on them.  So, one day my husband picked them up and hid them in our closet.  They were there for several months.  Then, it dawned on us that April 1st was just a few days away.  My husband came up with an excellent plan.  He went to the school and told them the situation.  He then asked if he could leave the shoes in our daughter's locker on April 1st as an April Fools Day joke.  The principal of the school thought that sounded hilarious and quickly agreed.

April 1st finally arrived and my husband took the shoes in a Wal-Mart bag down to the school and placed them in our daughter's locker.  When my daughter's bus arrived at home, I could see that she was carrying the bag full of shoes.  I went to my computer and pretended to be working, but was dying to know how she had reacted.  My husband wasn't home yet and I didn't know if I could keep a straight face until he arrived, so that we could confess together. 

My daughter came up to me and dropped into a chair.  She just sat there looking at me for several minutes.  Finally, she said, "Something really weird happened at school today."

"Oh, really, what?" I asked, as I tried to keep from busting out laughing.

"Well, you know those shoes that I have been looking for, the high heels?" she asked

"Yes," I replied.  "What about them?"

"I found them in my locker today!" she said, clearly in shock.

Really trying to stall things.  I asked, "Didn't we tell you not to take those things to school?"

"I didn't!" she wailed.

"Well, they didn't walk there on their own," I stated sarcastically.  Then, I heard the garage door opening and knew my husband was home.  That was a good thing, because I was just about to lose it. 

He walked in just as my daughter yelled, "I really didn't do it!  I think that I have a stalker!  I think that he must have come in here and stole my shoes, then hid them in my locker.  I am really scared."

My husband and I burst out laughing and said in unison said, "April Fools!"

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