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Billi Tiner interview by Digital Book Today

Author Interview: Billi Tiner – Welcome Home

March 29, 2012
Welcome HomeOur interview today is with Billi Tiner the author of Welcome Home ($2.99). If you love animal or dog stories, than Welcome Home will be of interest to you. Before we get to his interview, here is a brief book description: Welcome Home is the story of Jake, a black Labrador Retriever mix. For as long as Jake can remember, he has been having the same dream. In his dream, he lives with a wonderful man in a beautiful home. He has never seen the face of the man in the dream, but he knows his voice and is certain that they are meant to be together. When the day comes for Jake to be given away to his new home, he believes that he will finally get to meet the man from his dreams. However, when he is chosen, it is definitely not by the man from his dream! He is taken to a home where he is terribly mistreated. After suffering years of abuse, Jake finally escapes and is able to begin the search for the man he has been dreaming of his entire life. Along the way, Jake meets some interesting characters, survives amazing adventures, and forms life-long friendships. Join Jake on his incredible journey home.

Author Interview with Billi Tiner:

1) Was there a basis for your story? A previous experience? Something else?
The inspiration for Welcome Home came from two main areas. First, the title character, Jake, is a black Labrador Retreiver mix who was based on a patient that I treated my first year out of veterinary school. He was brought into the veterinary clinic where I worked after being struck by a car. He was unable to use his back legs. I convinced the Animal Control Officer to let me keep him at the clinic for a few days in order to see if the paralysis was temporary. Thankfully, it was and the dog was eventually taken home by a wonderful family.
The second inspiration was for the idea of the theme. The main theme of the story is that the dog has been dreaming of an owner he believes he belongs with since he was a puppy. The story centers around the title character, Jake’s, search to find this man. The inspiration behind this came from the many stories that I have heard from clients describing how they were united with their pets. Although the stories vary, there is a theme that connects them all; the idea that the animal “Chose” them to be their owner and “Somehow knew” they were meant to be together.
2) What is unique about the theme of this book?
Welcome Home is written from the lead character, Jake’s, point of view. This allows the reader to share in Jake’s thoughts. I think this allows the reader to become more sympathetic toward the character and gain a better understanding of the dog’s motivation.
3. What is your method for writing a book? A certain amount of hours every day? A certain routine? Are you character/story builder or an outliner or some other method?
When I am writing, I first formulate an overall outline and theme for the story. Before I begin writing the story, I want to have an idea where things are going to end up. However, as I begin to write, the stories usually start to write themselves. I let the story flow, not worrying too much about grammar and typos. Then after I get a chapter finished, I will go back and make corrections.
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